Hospitalet to convert current baseball stadium into pioneering facility in Europe

The current baseball stadium in the city of Hospitalet will soon be converted into a space playing host to baseball, softball and American football. All these sports have deep roots in the city, reflected by the huge success of the local teams here, even though they lack the ideal facilities for optimal performance.

This project is a pioneer in Europe, as one stadium will play host to the three sports in a single space on a multi-purpose pitch without separations. As of today, such facilities are only found in Japan and the United States.

Not only does this project focus on redeveloping the pitch as such, but it also sets out to meet current needs and make Feixa Llarga a major sporting hub in the city and another important attraction for sports tourism.

The redevelopment works are slated to start in one year’s time and have a budget of 2 million euros.

Hospitalet, Sports Tourism Destination

The city of Hospitalet has since 2015 been an official Sports Tourism Destination. The Catalan Tourism Board awards this accolade to destinations in Catalonia which have high-quality infrastructures and services for sports. Hospitalet is the first town in the Barcelona area to receive this certificate in the multi-sport category.

This certificate is aimed at a very specific and discerning audience: top-flight athletes, tourists who take sport-focussed holidays, visitors who engage in sports on their holidays, and fans who travel to major sporting events. And this is exactly how the new Feixa Llarga project sets out to promote Hospitalet as a Sports Tourism Destination.