CE L’Hospitalet, eliminated from promotion playoff

Xavi Molist’s team falls in Náxara by 3-0 CE L’Hospitalet will spend one year more at the 3rd Division. The dream of the promotion has vanished in the first eliminatory, before a Náxara that has been much more effective than the hospitalencs. Far is the first leg, in which surely the Hospi deserved something more. […]

CE Hospi will face Náxara on the first playoff game

The team take the eliminatory Sunday at six at the Municipal Stadium Centre d’Esports L’Hospitalet already knows its first rival in the promotion playoff to Second Division B. The Náxara, from La Rioja, has been the team that has determined the draw held at the headquarters of the Federation Spanish Soccer in Madrid. Náxara, third […]

Hospitalet Municipal Football Stadium hosts 25th anniversary celebrations of Barcelona ’92 Olympics

Around 800 people attended the so-called Commemoration Party for the 25th anniversary of the 1992 Olympic Games that took place on 18 July at the Hospitalet Municipal Football Stadium. Visitors were able to enjoy a whole host of activities, including live performances and sports shows. The event, which began at 6.00 pm, featured the performance […]

Hospitalet to convert current baseball stadium into pioneering facility in Europe

The current baseball stadium in the city of Hospitalet will soon be converted into a space playing host to baseball, softball and American football. All these sports have deep roots in the city, reflected by the huge success of the local teams here, even though they lack the ideal facilities for optimal performance. This project […]

Cristian Alfonso comes back to CE L’Hospitalet

If Cristian Gómez came back a few months ago, now it’s the turn of another local star with a huge fanbase, Cristian Alfonso. The midfielder, who had been training with the team for weeks, has reached an agreement with the club to play until the end of the season. Alfonso was always one of the […]

60 years of CE L’Hospitalet

This year has marked the 60th anniversary of CE L’Hospitalet, as shown on the membership cards for the 2017-2018 season, and we’re hoping that the Hospitalet Municipal Football Stadium will again play host to unforgettable days, full of victories and great games. The date in everyone’s mind is 7 July 1957, when the city’s three […]