The central football pitch of 102 metres by 68 metres is surrounded by 6,294 seats, of which 3,015 – including the grandstand – are sheltered BY an impressive roof. Nearby are five press booths that have an unbeatable view of the pitch for commentators and reporters.
The stadium’s nerve centre is found on the first floor, home to the management offices of the municipal sports service, the headquarters of CE L’Hospitalet, changing rooms with seventeen lockers, medical services, two multi-purpose spaces of 250 square metres and 300 square metres, and a press room.
Near the central pitch is the A7 Football PITCH, 60 metres long and 40 metres wide. This facility is open to grassroots sports and the city’s sports teams.
The Hospitalet Municipal Football Stadium forms part of the larger Feixa Llarga sporting complex, sharing space with the Municipal Baseball Ground and the Municipal Rugby Pitch.
In the near future, this sporting complex will undergo major redevelopment to convert the baseball ground into a pioneering facility in Europe playing host to baseball, softball and American football.
All these sports have deep roots in the city, reflected by the huge success of the local teams here.
The brand new municipal project will make this venue yet another important attraction for sports tourism and a benchmark in Europe, while boosting the position of Feixa Llarga as a major sporting hub in the city and an unbeatable venue that can be hired out for events.


11-a-side football pitch with artificial turf; 102 m x 64 m; 6,294 seats.
Home ground of CE L’Hospitalet, the city’s team that currently plays in the Spanish Third Division.

7-a-side football pitch with artificial turf; 60 m x 40 m. Facility open to grassroots sports and the city’s sports teams.


Nerve centre of the stadium. Located on the first floor, it is home to THE management offices of the municipal sports service and the headquarters of CE L’Hospitalet.


17 changing room lockers (12 for players and 5 for referees), along with a medical service and a physio room.


Our press room includes six booths that are available to the sports media. They are located in the stands, where there is also a VIP lounge and box.

We also have multi-purpose rooms of 250 m2 and 300 m2, ideal for hiring out for sporting events or conferences.