CE L’Hospitalet, eliminated from promotion playoff

Xavi Molist’s team falls in Náxara by 3-0

CE L’Hospitalet will spend one year more at the 3rd Division. The dream of the promotion has vanished in the first eliminatory, before a Náxara that has been much more effective than the hospitalencs.
Far is the first leg, in which surely the Hospi deserved something more. The second game, at La Salera stadium full of supporters, has been key for Náxara, who has found the goal with ease.
Their goals, moreover, have been those of a psychological kind: the first one, near to halftime, and the second, shortly after leaving the locker room. Tamayo and Miguel Martinez have beated Hospitalet team who, almost without realizing, was losing 2-0 in the 50th minute of the match.
The third, when the match was near the end, was the icing on the cake for the locals, who have been able to celebrate the deserved classification. For the Hospi, on the contrary, it was a bucket of cold water.
The final score has condemned Hospi one more year to the 3rd Division. An irregular season, in which the CE L’Hospitalet has never given the impression of believing they could achieve segond division B. Third position in the regular season, when they could probably aim for more, was a warning that this last match in La Salera has finally confirmed.

CE Hospi will face Náxara on the first playoff game

The team take the eliminatory Sunday at six at the Municipal Stadium

Centre d’Esports L’Hospitalet already knows its first rival in the promotion playoff to Second Division B. The Náxara, from La Rioja, has been the team that has determined the draw held at the headquarters of the Federation Spanish Soccer in Madrid.

Náxara, third place in the sixteenth group, will visit the Municipal Stadium this Sunday at 6:00 p.m. to start the promotion playoff. The Riojan team arrives with a tag of being an offensive team. They scored 111 goals this season, especially at their field, La Salera, where they have only missed six points during the regular season.

L’Hospitalet Coach, Xavi Molist, said “this playoff will be complicated”, as L’Hospi will have to “adapt to their field, with natural grass. Even not having the fame of other teams, that makes them really dangerous.”

The technical secretary, Jonathan Risueño stressed the importance of La Salera, where “Náxera plays a very offensive football, with a great scoring ability, and a very much supporting audience”

Hospitalet Municipal Football Stadium hosts 25th anniversary celebrations of Barcelona ’92 Olympics

Around 800 people attended the so-called Commemoration Party for the 25th anniversary of the 1992 Olympic Games that took place on 18 July at the Hospitalet Municipal Football Stadium. Visitors were able to enjoy a whole host of activities, including live performances and sports shows.

The event, which began at 6.00 pm, featured the performance of the Municipal School of Music – Centre for the Arts, which delivered a masterclass of activities led by local sports centres to the soundtrack of music from 1992, performed by the group Deseisaocho la Banda. What’s more, a commemorative mural designed by Contorno Urbano was unveiled.

The Hospitalet Hercules Baseball and Softball Club played a key role in the event, helping to promote the whole idea of baseball. Several members of the team that competed in the 1992 Olympic Games were among the crowd. What’s more, there was an exhibition narrating the 75-year history of the club.

The day also featured activities laid on by Hospitalet-based sports entities such as the artistic gymnastics, table tennis and volleyball clubs, as well as the Hospitalet sports council.

The event was attended by many of the 8,000 volunteers from the city who were games organisers.

L’Hospitalet, Olympic venue

In 1992, the city became an Olympic venue, playing host to the baseball competition. The Hospitalet Municipal Football Stadium played host to the games played by teams from Cuba, the United States, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Chinese Taipei (aka Taiwan), Italy, Japan and Spain.

In 1999, the stadium was redeveloped and became the current Hospitalet Municipal Football Stadium, where the city’s team currently plays.

Hospitalet to convert current baseball stadium into pioneering facility in Europe

The current baseball stadium in the city of Hospitalet will soon be converted into a space playing host to baseball, softball and American football. All these sports have deep roots in the city, reflected by the huge success of the local teams here, even though they lack the ideal facilities for optimal performance.

This project is a pioneer in Europe, as one stadium will play host to the three sports in a single space on a multi-purpose pitch without separations. As of today, such facilities are only found in Japan and the United States.

Not only does this project focus on redeveloping the pitch as such, but it also sets out to meet current needs and make Feixa Llarga a major sporting hub in the city and another important attraction for sports tourism.

The redevelopment works are slated to start in one year’s time and have a budget of 2 million euros.

Hospitalet, Sports Tourism Destination

The city of Hospitalet has since 2015 been an official Sports Tourism Destination. The Catalan Tourism Board awards this accolade to destinations in Catalonia which have high-quality infrastructures and services for sports. Hospitalet is the first town in the Barcelona area to receive this certificate in the multi-sport category.

This certificate is aimed at a very specific and discerning audience: top-flight athletes, tourists who take sport-focussed holidays, visitors who engage in sports on their holidays, and fans who travel to major sporting events. And this is exactly how the new Feixa Llarga project sets out to promote Hospitalet as a Sports Tourism Destination.

Cristian Alfonso comes back to CE L’Hospitalet

If Cristian Gómez came back a few months ago, now it’s the turn of another local star with a huge fanbase, Cristian Alfonso. The midfielder, who had been training with the team for weeks, has reached an agreement with the club to play until the end of the season.
Alfonso was always one of the star players of Hospitalet, impressing fans with his amazing skills. He originally played three seasons for the team, in which he was capped 99 times and scored 21 goals. His skills soon caught the attention of Espanyol, who gave him his first division debut. However, he didn’t totally fit in at the Barcelona team and was loaned out to Alarcón and then to Girona to play in the Second Division. In the 2015-16 season, he returned to CE L’Hospitalet and then went off to Lleida Esportiu the following year, where he only stayed for one season. Now, after a few months without a team and some weeks training with Xavi Molist’s team, he’s setting out on a new adventure with Hospitalet.
Meanwhile, players leaving the club include Edipo Rodriguez and Kilian Villaverde, who’s heading to Granollers for more pitch time. This departure would only allow the signing of a new under-23 player, something that the club has ruled out, as it’s looking for a more experienced player.

Source: www.digital-h.cat

60 years of CE L’Hospitalet

This year has marked the 60th anniversary of CE L’Hospitalet, as shown on the membership cards for the 2017-2018 season, and we’re hoping that the Hospitalet Municipal Football Stadium will again play host to unforgettable days, full of victories and great games.

The date in everyone’s mind is 7 July 1957, when the city’s three football clubs, UD Hospitalet, CD Santa Eulàlia and CF Hercules Hospitalet were merged to form Centre Esportiu L’Hospitalet.

Club chairman Santi Ballesté recalls that in the 1960s “Hospitalet had an outstanding track record and was highly regarded in Catalan and Spanish football, achieving such important milestones as three years in Second Division ‘A’, champion of Second Division ‘B’ or four promotion play-offs for the Spanish Second Division“.

On this 60th anniversary, Ballesté is also looking towards the future, which he hopes will be seen in a different way, especially after the slight blip of last year.

The challenges set by the chairman and his board of directors are mainly aimed at forming a good team for the season ahead. He added that “our technicians and sporting director are working hard to pull this off, and I’d like to thank them for the efforts they’re making to create an exciting team that can fight for promotion“.

Grassroots football and women’s football should also be a mainstay of the club in the next few years. “We need to get as high up in the table as possible, nurturing the first team with players from our youth academy“. As far as women’s football is concerned, “this year we’ve already started out with a very ambitious project for this section“.

When it comes to the club’s following, Ballesté acknowledged that there are a few more difficulties. The chairman explained that “we want to expand our fanbase and – in particular – open up the club to the city and other sports clubs in Hospitalet, which is a very important aspect“.

Santi Ballesté reminded everyone that “CE L’Hospitalet has always been the most important sports club in the city. This is imperative, especially when you look at the words to our anthem: by playing football, we made a city from a town“.

If you still haven’t been able to pick up your membership card for the 2017-18 season, which since August has been proudly displaying the commemorative logo of the club’s 60th anniversary, you can get it at our management offices or at the ticket offices of the Hospitalet Municipal Football Stadium on match days.